Dec 272013

Sometimes you get in contact with legacy systems – real legacy systems. In this case it is a Sun Microsystems Netra T1-AC200 with Solaris 9 (aka SunOS 5.9) and a samba version used in prehistoric times:

# smbd -V
Version 2.2.12

Anything I tried to get my Windows 7 connected to this system – it failed. Continue reading »

Dec 242013

German IT portal heise online reports:

Die Allianz betreibt derzeit weltweit verstreut 140 Rechenzentren. Diese sollen bis Ende 2017 auf sechs reduziert werden. IBM soll dazu eine sichere und stabile IT-Infrastruktur aufbauen, die auch Naturkatastrophen standhält. Laut Medienberichten sollen davon in Deutschland 250 Mitarbeiter betroffen sein. Es werde aber kein Arbeitsplatz wegfallen, wird ein Sprecher zitiert.

Translation: The German insurance company Allianz now operates 140 data centers around the world.These should be reduced to 6 until end of 2017. IBM is to build a secure and stable IT infrastructure that can withstand natural disasters. According to media reports in Germany 250 employees will be affected. No job will disappear, a spokesperson said.

Ambitious. Very.

RSA’s Answer Concerning Cooperation with NSA

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Dec 242013

RSA is in trouble – so much, that they responded to the accusation of enabling backdoors for the NSA on a Sunday. They deny having closed a “secret contract” with the NSA. Furthermore they admit, that RSA “worked with the NSA, both as a vendor and an active member of the security community.” And RSA claims that their “explicit goal has always been to strengthen commercial and government security.

Now it’s on you to decide who is more trustworthy: Edward Snowden with his leaked NSA documents or RSA…

Dec 232013

Computerwoche, a German IT newspaper, reports on the reactions of German CIOs to the NSA scandal. Some of them stated, the have not paid enough attention to the issue of surveillance, even knowing that it was taking place. One confessed, that they have been “naïve” regarding the dimension of data sniffing by the NSA. Continue reading »