Jan 162014

Yesterday Check Point released their software package R77.10. This opens the first opportunity to upgrade from R75.47 to a higher Version. What is new in R77.10? Continue reading »

Fortinet: Overview of PCI DSS

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Jan 152014

Federal and State laws, as well as industry regulations, are major drivers in the security industry, and none are probably more far-reaching and controversial than the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Here, Fortinet provides an overview of PCI DSS and what you need to know about this regulation.

(via: @Fortinet)

Attacking the service provider instead of the real target

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Jan 152014

CRN reports that hackers with a possible relationship to the Chinese government attacked 3 large U.S. companies with a malware called Javafog. This malware installs backdoors via a vulnerability in Oracle Java and flaws in Microsoft Office. But why to attack them directly, when one can use service providers? Continue reading »

Layered Security – The Fortinet Way

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Jan 142014

Fortniet Blog delivers a short introduction what is Fortinet’s view on layered security:

Layered security combines multiple security measures to make sure that you don’t have all your security eggs in one basket. This protects you from different sources and different types of threats.

There are a few different models out there for layered security. The one we’ll be using has seven distinct layers. Below you’ll find a brief description of each layer, followed by a list of the relevant Fortinet features.

A good way to get a very short introduction to this topic.