Jan 162014

Yesterday Check Point released their software package R77.10. This opens the first opportunity to upgrade from R75.47 to a higher Version. What is new in R77.10?

R77.10 delivers resolved issues consolidating R77 and R75.47 with additional support for existing features:

  • Gaia OS improved with resolved issues.
  • Mobile Access support for IPv6, VSX, Push Notifications, Remote Wipe and more.
  • Integrated Appliance Hardware Diagnostic Tool. See sk97251.

It seems that very few documentation is available at the moment:

Let’s wait for some more to come!

  2 Responses to “Check Point released R77.10”

  1. I am curious to see if R77.10 will bring some stability.
    We are running R76 and it is as shaky as leaves in autumn.

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