Dec 272015

Canon and Mac OS – that will really suck. So does the printer driver for the photo printer SELPHY CP910. Of course, there is no printer driver for Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan). And the installer for Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) fails. So, what could you do?

Using pgkutil you can circumvent the needless check for the Mac OS version. First you have to write the installation package to a directory:
$ pkgutil --expand SELPHY\ CP\ series\ Printer\ driver_6.5.0.0.pkg /var/tmp/work

Then change to this directory and edit the Distribution file:
$ cd /var/tmp/work
$ vi Distribution

Insert the bold marked line into the function installationCheck:
function installationCheck() {
    return true;
     if ( (system.compareVersions( system.version.ProductVersion, '10.10' ) == -1) || (system.compareVersions( system.version.ProductVersion, '10.11' ) != -1) ){

Step one directory upwards and create a new package:
$ cd ..
$ pkgutil --flatten work Canon_SELPHY_10.11.pkg

Now you can install the package Canon_SELPHY_10.11.pkg. Nothing, a customer caring company could not have done by now.